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38 Retargeting Campaigns You’ve Never Heard Of Before

What’s In The Guide?

Have you ever thought of retargeting as playing fetch with a dog?

The goal is always to bring the ball back, just like your visitors and lost conversions.

And while you may not have a dog or started your first retargeting campaign yet, you know that getting good at something takes practice and experience.

Retargeting is no different.

So right now, I want to share 33 different types of retargeting campaigns that we run for our own clients and how you can run them too.

But first…

38 Retargeting Campaigns You’ve Never Heard Of Before

38 Retargeting Campaigns
You've Never Heard Of Before

38 Retargeting Campaigns You’ve Never Heard Of Before

You Need This Guide. Here's Why:

What Is Retargeting & Why Should You Care?

Let’s take a common example:

A visitor hits your website or landing page without converting. You then add a cookie/pixel to their browser or capture their email address to then have your image ads, text ads, or emails follow them around the rest of the web until they hopefully come back and convert.

About The Authors

This guide was put together by KlientBoost in partnership with Invoca

We help grow companies, just like yours.

Through custom built pay-per-click campaigns, high converting landing pages, and robust analytics, you’re gonna get more out of your PPC than ever before.

With a focus on continual improvement, we help by improving conversion rates, quality scores, and click through rates through PPC and landing page testing, so that all your metrics are moving in the right direction.

 And with no contracts, full transparency, and history to prove it, we’re sure to get you kicking some serious ass, fast.

Invoca helps you drive more revenue through search and beyond.

Today’s customer journey is getting more sophisticated, and search marketers are feeling it more than anyone.

While search analytics and bid management tools do a great job at tracking clicks, they weren’t built to understand phone calls.

With Invoca, search marketers can measure the complete customer journey with insight into which search efforts are driving people to call so marketers can spend more effectively, drive higher search conversions, and even increase performance across other channels.